Early Childhood Development

6 Ways TGS Facilitates a Safe & Secure Environment

Early Childhood Development | October 1, 2017

For parents on the search for the best preschool for their children, a key factor in the decision-making process involves the school’s safety and security features. Children need to feel safe during the school day, and parents need the peace of mind in knowing that their children are under excellent supervision, with properly trained childcare professionals and within a well-maintained and securely-constructed environment.

The Gardner School goes the extra mile toward ensuring parents that their children are safe and secure. From key security measures to timely communication with parents, here are six ways The Gardner School staff facilitates a safe and secure environment each day.

Building Access

It’s often said that a first impression is everything. An important distinguishing feature at The Gardner School is that each parent receives a personal access code, which allows them special clearance upon entering and exiting the school’s main entrance. Family members or friends picking up children without an access code must check in and receive clearance at the front desk before being allowed to enter a school’s internal corridors.

Lobby Monitors

A favorite feature with all parents is that they can view their child’s classroom through monitors in The Gardner School’s front lobby. This offers an added peace of mind for parents before leaving for work or daily activities. Especially for a child’s first few days in a new classroom or for children or parents who might not be quite ready to detach, a peek into the classroom can be very comforting.

Timely Communication

We are committed to clear, timely communication with parents. Through our PreciouStatus app, parents receive real-time updates and photos throughout each day regarding their child’s activities—including meals, naps, play, learning progress, and even bathroom breaks. These updates are sent directly to parents’ email or PreciouStatus app. These updates ensure that moms and dads don’t miss out on developmental assessments and the many moments of growth and progress your child will have at The Gardner School.

Community Relationships

Our staff has excellent working relationships with local fire and police departments. In any event that these officials should need to be called upon, parents can rest at ease that these local authorities are equipped and prepared to respond in a timely manner.

Building Features

Each of The Gardner School’s buildings are constructed with your child in mind. From the security features mentioned above to hallways to classrooms and play areas, every detail is considered when it comes to child safety. Windows and glass walls in our schools for each classroom allow for clear viewing access from both outside and inside the room. Indoor play areas keep children warm during the colder months and cool during extremely hot days. Outdoor play areas are properly fenced and gated and all playground equipment is designed to ensure safety. Our three downtown Chicago school students enjoy a short walk to a local park wearing yellow vests for easy identification and safety.

Certified Training

The Gardner School takes great pride in building a well-trained, caring, and motivated team. We ensure that all teachers meet the proper qualifications set forth by each state. In addition, our teachers receive stringent background screenings, health screenings, and a thorough review of personal references. The Gardner School also practices risk management drills with our teachers, who are certified in First Aid and CPR.

To learn more about The Gardner School’s safe and secure environment, visit our safety page, or see it for yourself by scheduling a tour.