5 Ways Preschoolers Can Celebrate Earth Day

Education | April 3, 2016
Earth Day

Earth Day is globally celebrated on April 22nd every year. It’s a time to reflect on the state of our planet and our consumption of its resources. It’s never too early to start teaching your children the significance of a clean planet! Infants, toddlers and preschoolers may be small, but they can make a big impact when they are taught the right way to care for our environment as they grow older.

Clean a Park or Neighborhood

There are parks that need some love all year long, and Earth Day is a wonderful way to introduce your kids to how people should keep a clean environment. Encourage your children to pickup your neighborhood too! Make sure to have a plenty of trash bags and a pair of gloves for everyone.

Create Crafts with Totes 

We’re sure you have obtained many reusable bags from different places. Have your little ones choose a few supplies around the house to embellish one of your totes! They can use fabric paint, rhinestones, stamps, or pom poms. As they decorate, explain to them why people use reusable bags. For example, there will be less plastic bags that take longer to decompose in landfills.

Plant Something

Before Earth Day, discuss with your child what kind of flower, vegetable, or herb they’d like to take care of this year. Research items perfect for an April 22 planting: things like tomatoes, melons, and oregano are perfect. Have a list of these items for your kid to choose from then purchase seeds. Not only will children learn first hand how good food and spices come from the earth, but they’ll get some exercise and sunshine taking care of their plants throughout the year.

Read a Book

Dr. Seuss’s children’s book The Lorax is a wonderful way to teach children the consequences of people’s actions on the environment. Sit down with your kids and read this book on April 22. Let them talk to you about the book and how they might impact the Earth in a positive way.

Always Recycle

It’s nice to have a neighborhood that has separate containers for recyclable materials! However, if you don’t have a separate container, educate your kids on how to sort plastic, metal, and paper products. After separating your items, take your kids to the local recycling center. Many centers trade coins for cans!