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5 Tips for Surviving Photos with Santa

Family Living | December 10, 2017

The holiday season has begun, and with it comes the magic of decking the halls, parties, gift-giving, special treats, and so much more. It’s no secret that this time of year is a kid favorite, especially when it comes to a Santa Claus sighting or visit. For moms and dads, capturing a child’s photo with Santa isn’t always an easy task, but it can be fun and memorable. If you’re headed out to the mall or your area’s Santa meet-and-greet stop, here are five helpful tips for surviving photos with Santa.

Meet Before You Greet

Especially for children who haven’t seen Santa in person yet, introduce him to your kids before you show up for a photo op. Find some good books about Santa to read with your children. Watch some classic Santa cartoons or movies. Even more, show your children some Santa photos to help them anticipate their own picture visit.

Explore Your Options

While the local shopping mall might be the obvious Santa photo spot, sometimes it can be the busiest and most expensive. Do some research online or by polling your friends to find out about local Santa appearances and what to expect. You might just be surprised at where Santa will pop up around your community.

Be Strategic

Weekends are likely the most common times for families to drop in for a visit with Santa, so be prepared for potentially-long lines or wait times. If possible, consider visiting Santa during a week day or night as your schedule allows. You’ll also want to factor in your child’s nap and meal times to hopefully make for a happy and eager attitude. It never hurts to have on hand some favorite toys, props, or candy that can be used to change a child’s mood in case they get scared or unhappy during the photo session. Some Santa photo stations have fast pass opportunities where you can call ahead or reserve your spot online, so you’ll definitely want to explore those options as well.

Dress for Success

Every parent will have their own cute ideas for how to dress their child for photos with Santa, so be creative and have fun, of course. It’s always good to consider comfort with your child’s attire, especially in the event of long wait times. You might even want to research the venue’s backdrop and color schemes when choosing your child’s photo attire.

Let It Be

While you can plan every small detail of your Santa photo experience, probably the most important tip you can receive is to go with the flow and make the most of the experience, no matter how your child responds. Even if your little one gets scared or cries during the photo, you will still look back and find joy from the memory years later. All in all, plan as much as you can, but we hope you choose to see the joy of the memory regardless of how your child responds.

The Gardner School is excited to ring in the holiday season with our students and families. We wish you a joyful time together as you make memories to last a lifetime. Season’s greetings!