Early Childhood Development

5 Reasons Preschoolers Need Enrichment Classes

Early Childhood Development | September 1, 2017

As an academically-focused preschool, The Gardner School has created a rich learning environment to stimulate a child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Through our comprehensive and foundational curriculums and a good balance of STEAM-focused learning activities, our preschoolers not only engage in exciting learning experiences each day, but they are also ready for kindergarten and beyond.

To take learning a step further than the normal classroom environment, The Gardner School offers a full suite of enrichment activities, which allow students to be creative and put into practice their natural gifts, talents, and passions. These supplemental classes and activities consist of various subjects, such as foreign languages, sports, visual arts, performing arts, computer-based learning, and even cooking classes, which help students learn about health, nutrition, and fun ways to cook!

The Gardner School offers these optional enrichment activities so your child has easy access to fun subjects, without having to add more stress to parents’ already busy schedules. Here are our top five reasons preschoolers and parents can benefit from enrolling in enrichment classes.

New Experiences

In addition to giving children a front row seat to completely new activities, enrichment classes are wonderful opportunities for them to build additional skills through small group learning experiences, where they can meet new friends who might not be in their regular classrooms. Enrichment classes provide children with the opportunity to see and do many activities that most would never experience until elementary school.

Healthy Challenges

While some enrichment classes appeal to a child’s interests or passions more than others, a good variety of enrichment activities can pose healthy challenges that encourage preschoolers to expand their minds and stretch their creative abilities. Especially for children who show early signs of advanced intellect, enrichment classes can give them the added academic stimulation they may need.

Physical Development

With several enrichment classes focused on fitness and active participation, children can benefit from physical development that encourages movement and exercise. The athletics-focused enrichment classes are also a great way to gauge a child’s interest in specific types of sports. This can be helpful in navigating whether parents should enroll children in sports leagues as they mature.

Mind Stimulation

As parents choose the activities that best fit the needs or desires of their child, opportunities for mind stimulation abound with enrichment courses like music, drama, art, and computer classes. While preschoolers receive a good balance of multiple learning activities during the normal day, enrichment courses stimulate the mind by offering children a deeper and more hands-on approach to a specific skill or activity that appeals to their unique interests.

Cost-effective Convenience

Making it easy for parents, enrichment classes at The Gardner School are offered during regular school hours. This gives families more quality time after school, rather than rushing from work to school to extracurricular activities such as sports or music lessons that can not only be time-consuming but can also be costly.

Take advantage of The Gardner School’s variety of enrichment classes to expand your child’s mind and physical development with less driving around. You’ll not only gain back quality family time, but your preschoolers will be excited about the many new skills and adventures that await them. To learn more about The Gardner School’s enrichment classes, visit our enrichment page or talk to your school’s director!