Early Childhood Development

5 Reasons Kids Need a School Atmosphere Before Kindergarten

Early Childhood Development | July 30, 2016
School Atmosphere

Preparing your little preschoolers for kindergarten is a huge benefit of early childhood education. However, it’s not the only one. Early childhood education between six-month-olds and PreK have a tremendous effect on learning well past kindergarten. Here are just five simple reasons to sign your child up for preschool before they head into kindergarten.

1. Structured Settings

Preschool is a child’s first involvement in a more structured and organized routine. This sets the stage of having to be around teachers and groups of children. Kids learn to share, play with others, work under adult supervision, follow instructions and more. Though The Gardner School is an academically-focused preschool, our rules of discovery are simple for first-timers — we let children adjust, explore and grow throughout their stages of development through gentle guidance and encouragement. These experiences foster self-esteem and confidence, which are essential to grasping knowledge.

2. Trusting Relationships

Children going through school for the first time are under the guidance of adults that aren’t a part of their family. This may be the first time they are away from home for any length of time without their parents, and building trust in teachers outside of the family can enhance the learning experience. This also may be the first time for parents to work with a school and its teachers, which is great practice for the years to come. Having consistency in both home and school allows children to feel comfortable and thrive in an educational setting. At The Gardner School, we send regular updates to parents through our PreciouStatus App — which helps parents understand what their child is learning and can help nurture curiosity at home. This also allows parents to build trust with the school and teachers.

3. Sense of Self

Children make independent choices every day in a childcare setting. These decisions allow kids to choose activities that hold a personal interest, whether it’s playing make-believe on the playground with other children, engineering towns with toy blocks or drawing self portraits during art class. The Gardner School also hosts other enrichment opportunities including Spanish class, music and drama activities, dance, computers & technology, cooking and more. All these opportunities encourage children to learn what they like and do not like to do, heightening their sense of self awareness.

4. Develops Many Skills Including Cognitive Motor Skills 

During these early learning years throughtout day care, vocabulary skill can triple in word amount. Better yet, in an educational-focused environment, teachers can expand literary knowledge even more with focused reading, singing, talking, and even acting! Motor skills also flourish immensely during these early years. Babies develop gross motor skills early on, and at The Gardner School, we fine tune these skills with daily activities such as:

  • Family-style dining during meal and snack times
  • Learning and using sign language 
  • Cutting with scissors in art class 
  • Playing sports and advancing hand-eye coordination

5. Develops Interests

Did you know the more curious your child is, the more they can learn from every day activities? Curiosity forms naturally in babies — they are eager to learn from their family and discover life in this new world! Our teachers nurture curiosity at every level during a child’s educational journey to help your child advance through kindergarten and beyond to higher education.

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