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4 Ideas for Fun Family Fall Gatherings

Family Living | September 17, 2017

With the arrival of the fall season comes many opportunities for families to enjoy quality time together, whether it be fall festivals, outdoor concerts, evenings around a bonfire, and maybe the best one of all—sports events. Especially for families who love sports, some of the greatest activities centered around fall games are tailgates or watch parties. For parents with preschoolers, these activities can be wonderful opportunities to help teach them about some of the basic rules of the games and sport your favorite team colors and apparel. In addition, tailgates and watch parties can be a fun time to create fun and festive snacks or party foods together.

To help cheer on The Gardner School families in their fall activity planning, we organized a list of some fun sports-related ideas to incorporate into your family time this season. Here are a few ways to make the most of these fall activities with your children.

Paint a Pumpkin

Children love to carve or decorate pumpkins in the fall, so why not up your game this year by asking them to paint a pumpkin in their favorite sports theme. Some ideas could include painting the pumpkin to look like their favorite sports ball, tracing and painting on a favorite team logo, or even designing a fun or interesting pattern using their favorite team colors. You can even encourage them to go for the gold by painting their favorite team mascot on the pumpkin. This is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Gather at a Game

One of the best ways to enjoy a fall sports event as a family is to attend a game together. Pack up some snacks or a picnic and have a family tailgate in the parking lot before a game. Dress everyone up in your favorite team colors or jerseys. Point out some things for your children to watch for during the game, such as specific team players or roles, coaches, special tactics and plays, and even the scoreboard. Another fun strategy is asking your children to observe other things happening during the game, including cheers and chants, pep or marching band music, and even pre-game on the field activities.

Huddle at Home

A much-anticipated family activity in the fall is a watch party. Whether just the immediate family or a large crowd, watch parties bring people together with the common goal of cheering a team to victory in celebratory fashion. With fun party snacks, festive attire, team color decorations, and the relaxing environment of home, families are sure to make some fun fall memories by hosting a watch party.

Tackle Some Treats

Crafting together some delicious sports-themed fall treats is sure to score a touchdown with your children. This is an activity you can do without going to a game or hosting a party, and it allows children to think creatively and use hands-on skills. Pinterest is always a great place to look for festive treat ideas, however, try challenging your children to think of some fun ways to make your favorite treats that can be themed around your favorite team, mascot, or team colors. This activity is another great way to help children learn about being a team player, and especially how each role on the team is important.

At The Gardner School, we like to encourage team spirit on various occasions through special themed-clothing days, when the children can wear their team’s jersey or t-shirt. Especially when a school’s local college or professional team makes the playoffs or finals, it’s always a fun opportunity to help children learn about the importance of sportsmanship and coming together to rally for a team. We also teach basic sports principles and sportsmanship through certain enrichment classes. Above all, we love cheering on our families each day. Here’s to a fun, festive, and family-focused fall season this year!