Early Childhood Development

3 Reasons Why Camp is Great for Children

Early Childhood Development | March 20, 2018

If you ever attended summer camp as a kid, you probably remember the many fond memories that helped shape you into the person you are today. Summer camp opens the door to new adventures in discovery, exploration, and learning. A camp environment also welcomes opportunities for new friendships, outdoor fun, and exciting themes.

Summer camp isn’t just for the big kids. Did you know that The Gardner School gives preschoolers a chance to experience summer camp, too? The Gardner School’s fun-filled summer program, Camp Gardner, extends its educational programs past the traditional school year and into the summer months. This 10-week program continues The Gardner School’s academically-focused lessons with a more relaxed, summer camp-themed approach.

For parents who are considering summer camp for their preschoolers, here are three reasons why Camp Gardner is great for children.

1. Camp allows children to discover new things.

Summer camp allows kids to uncover new activities that may be a little out of the ordinary during a regular school season. Throughout the school year, The Gardner School’s infants, toddlers, and preschoolers are exposed to an academically-focused curriculum that allows them to learn through experiential play and STEAM activities. During the summers, we take that to the next level, focusing on discovering new things in a more out-of-the-box manner. With creative weekly themes, special visitors from the community and new areas of interest are explored during camp, which allows your little camper to develop different skills.

2. Camp helps children to improve social skills and confidence. 

It’s important to encourage your child to make friends at an early age. Opportunities to play and explore outside the classroom in other areas of the school will help kids to continue making new friends, which helps them develop positive self-esteem. When children establish positive relationships, they will also boost their confidence and independence. The Gardner School’s camp teachers help guide these relationships, encouraging each child through different activities and befriending other campers.

3. Camp promotes physical activity for children.

Each day at The Gardner School as weather permits, our infants, toddlers, and preschoolers enjoy outdoor play with others. During Camp Gardner, the summer energy and excitement from our students is expressed with new activities and games on the playground, water days, outdoor learning activities! As many studies show that your child will sleep better and longer with enough physical activity throughout their day, the daily physical activities of summer camp will keep your child active, healthy, and ready for a good night of rest.

Already counting down the days until summer camp? This year, foster your children’s curiosity by giving them the opportunity to experience the daily adventures of Camp Gardner. To learn more about The Gardner School’s 10-week summer camp program, contact your local school director today!