Early Childhood Development

2015 TGS Teachers of the Year

Early Childhood Development | January 19, 2016
Teacher of the Year

The Gardner School is lucky enough to work with amazing people. First of all, we want to thank each and every one of our staff members. Every year, though, one teacher from each campus is chosen as Teacher of the Year. They are selected because they show a passion for teaching, great care for their students and families and an enormous work ethic with their peers. Here are our 2015 Teachers of the Year (in no particular order).


Blue Ash: Michelle Knoechelman
Michelle Knoechelman is Team Leader in the Fascination A classroom at TGS Blue Ash and has worked with TGS since 2010. In addition, Ms. Michelle is the theatre director and Enrichment Music and Drama teacher, having overseen two fantastic plays thus far.

Ms. Michelle welcomes families into a warm and inviting classroom. With her genuine kindness, compassion, and creativity, she inspires her coworkers. Her theatrical accomplishments are not only well known in the school, but also known in the community with her numerous performances in the local theatre programs.


Brentwood: Tip Souksanh
Tip Souksanh has been with TGS Brentwood since November 2014. She is the Exploration Lead Teacher and has learned much since being at TGS. Her experience in the school helps all those around her. Ms. Tip has a positive spirit every day. Her obvious dedication and love for her students makes a huge impact on their lives every day.

During the TGS WOW Factor contest, Ms. Tip received honorable mention. She also won the Kaplan’s Fall Festive Contest. Even with these two accolades under her belt, she keeps reaching to improve herself as a teacher and as a coworker.


Bucktown: Julie Bazetta
Julie Bazetta started with TGS Bucktown a couple months after they opened in 2014. Since then, she has worked in the Pre-K classroom, Preschool classroom and, most recently, their Toddler Transition room. Ms. Julie is always willing to help out with a smile on her face. The love that she spreads to both students and coworkers is admirable. She is a great example to new staff and strives to improve herself in any way possible.

Ms. Julie a great asset to our school, but also shows her infectiously positive attitude out of the classroom, by volunteering each week at Chicago’s Lurie’s Children’s Hospital.


Dublin: Callie Korosei
Ms. Callie has shown much charisma since joining TGS Dublin in October 2010. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Human Development and Family Studies.

Ms. Callie’s contagious smile make families and other staff members comfortable and at ease very quickly. Being a senior staff member, Ms. Callie is sought out for guidance from her peers. Her nurturing and compassionate nature makes her a staple for the younger age groups. Ms. Callie can always be counted on and has been a strong asset to TGS Dublin for over the last five years.


Franklin: Londyn Kasinger
Londyn Kasinger has taught with TGS Franklin since July of 2014 and has made a big impact on many little lives. Ms. Londyn began teaching the Exploration students and is now a Lead Teacher in the Imagination B classroom. Because of her contagious energy, her children get excited about being at school.

In addition to the great student care, Ms. Londyn is a team player and always encourages fellow staff members. She works hard on maintaining constant communication with parents, which is key to the success of her students. Her goal is to establish a true love for learning that will last a lifetime, which she does by pouring her heart into the students on a daily basis.


Glenview-Northbrook: Jessica Summers
Jessica Summers joined TGS Glenview-Northbrook in September 2014 and teaches Acceleration A. Ms. Jessica is from Michigan where she attended Western Michigan University and earned her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She gained experience with a wide range of ages from birth through middle school-aged children before working at TGS.

Ms. Jessica creates a safe, inviting classroom that gives her students the opportunity to take academic and social risks in a supportive and non-judgmental environment, bringing out the best in all of them.


Herndon: Madhavi Kommi
Madhavi Kommi is a highly energetic and enthusiastic teacher at TGS Herndon and has over 10 years of hands-on experience working with children. Ms. Madhavi earned a Master’s Degree in Language Arts with an endorsement in Early Childhood Education.

She provides a safe and nurturing environment every day to her students. Her goal as a preschool teacher is to develop strong minds and confident, eager learners. In her opinion, teachers can ultimately change the world while providing children with a strong foundation of learning.


Louisville: Nicki Renck
TGS Louisville’s Nicki Renck has been with TGS Louisville for over five years. During her time, she has gained experience as a Floater, Assistant Teacher and Director of Training. Ms. Nicki currently serves as the Lead Teacher in Discovery A.

Every single day, Ms. Nicki works hard for her students, making her classroom a fun and child-centered environment. Ms. Renck creates lasting relationships with past and current families, and her previous students are always excited to see her.


Midtown: Karla Hentz
Karla Hentz is TGS Midtown’s Trainer and Curriculum Coordinator. Ms. Karla graduated from Tennessee State University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood. Currently, Ms. Karla is enrolled at Trevecca Nazarene University where she is working on her Master’s of Education in Curriculum Assessment and Instruction. She has a contagious and positive personality. Always willing to help, Ms. Karla goes above and beyond each and every day.


Naperville: Cathy McLean
Cathy McLean has been with TGS Naperville since opening in 2013, and she’s been nothing but an inspirational leader since the day she started. Ms. Cathy is a teacher in the Fascination A classroom, and has been a loving and welcoming face for all students and parents that have gone through our infant program. She’s an outstanding person, which makes her an even better teacher.


Nashville: Quaneshia Frierson
Quaneshia Frierson is the Exploration B Lead Teacher at TGS Nashville. Ms. Quaneshia has a positive attitude which allows her to make the best out of any situation she faces both in and out of the school. Her dedication to teaching and nurturing the twos is immeasurable, and her students have shown positive growth coming out of the classroom.

As a huge asset to the school, Ms. Quaneshia sets a great example to both peers and students with her enthusiasm, and her passion for TGS is evident the moment you come into her presence.


Oak Brook: Ann Sanello
Ann Sanello is one of the TGS Oak Brook Preschool teachers. For over 15 years, Ms. Ann has been working in early childhood education, and has gained a lot of wisdom from every situation she faced in those years. She has been with the TGS Oak Brook team for over a year, and her passion as an educator burns brighter every day. Ms. Ann is beloved by TGS, parents, and most importantly her students.

West Loop: Lauren Pittman
Though Lauren Pittman has only been with TGS West Loop for one year, she has gained much experience teaching the twos, threes and, most recently, fours classrooms. She is currently working on her Master’s Degree at DePaul University. She shows amazing dedication both to her studies and students.

Ms. Lauren’s passion for teaching and creativity is very apparent in her classroom. During the WOW Factor and Kaplan contest, she shined bright. Her positive and enthusiastic personality makes her a wonderful member of the West Loop team.